I wanted to send out a little update to anyone who’s been a reader here: Our own lovely Erin Myers, who has been writing about living with cancer on her own blog (The View from the 21st Floor) and cross-posting here on Rational Creatures, has transitioned into hospice care. She’ll be leaving us soon.

Erin was a fantastic writer. She spoke about her diagnosis and her experience of her disease with a bald honesty and wry humor that made me lean forward in my seat, eager for more, even while dreading what she might tell me. Lady had some big brass balls to be as truthful as she was with us. And her impulse to share it with the world was part of what made her an incredible person to know.

Erin was a fantastic artist. While going through cancer treatments, she performed regularly in a 12 hour long (!!!) collection of Greek tragedies . . . and then, later, sicker, performed some more in an all-female Titus Andronicus. She wrote about her art, how important it was to her, even as she was physically less able to do it. She grasped, clung to, clawed at her art, holding it to her and pushing it out into the world simultaneously. Another way she shared herself with us.

I find myself typing “Erin was” and hesitating, wanting to go back, delete it, type “Erin is” instead, hearing it in my head like a mantra, Erin IS, Erin IS, Erin IS. She is and was and she will be. She will be in the hearts and souls and memories of all those who knew her and loved her.

Other contributors here knew Erin better than I, and I hope they can at some point share some of their thoughts and memories here, maybe not right away, but some day. For now, feel free to comment below with any thoughts of Erin and what she shared with us.

If you’re looking to DO something, as I know I do whenever stupid death comes around and reminds me I don’t control anything, I will make these suggestions: See some theater. Make your own art. Share yourself with those around you. Love expansively. Give cancer the middle finger. And say thanks to Erin for everything she gave us while she was around.


  1. Paul Holmquist says:

    I said (paraphrased” to my cast the other night, in reflecting on Baltimore and Nepal, “The real tragedy of leading a privileged life is in *not* recognizing that you’re leading it. Because we can see more clearly that we are living a privileged life, we’re able to give more. And we should. We should give as much as we can, with all the gratitude and love our hearts can generate.”

    With as much joy as we can muster.

    Thank you, Chelsea. Love.

  2. Charlesanne Rabensburg says:


  3. Steve Townshend says:


  4. Johnny says:

    trying to type one handed while crying and feeding Zelda. This is just beautiful. Thank you for these words.

  5. Casey Pilkenton says:

    Thank you for this, not just the post but starting this blog. And thank you, Erin.

  6. Dana says:

    Love you C. I loved going and hearing her sing at Red Lion, drinking a martini and then biking buzzed with her for a few streets to our respective homes. It felt so freeing. Erin Is A Force.

  7. Colin Milroy says:

    Beautifully said, Chelsea.

  8. Stephanie Diaz says:

    Thank you.

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